To carry out walks


To carry out walks

Walking on the SEGWAY will be truly memorable pastime! We offer you several options for recreation in the most beautiful places of our city!

The route of "Heart to Heart"

Stroll through the historic center of Odessa, on the monument "Love Heart" at the monument to all the lovers' hearts. " You will pass the famous "Teschin bridge" to bewitching urban garden, the place where the rest Odessa! It is a beautiful green garden, the day is played here by a brass band, and in the evening you can enjoy the beauty of the singing fountain.

Moving, you will see Colonnade, Vorontsov Palace, Primorsky Boulevard, a monument to Duke de Richelieu, Ekaterininskaya (Catherine) square, Odessa City Hall, Opera House, the green of the Palais Royal, Deribasovskaya street.

Route "Victory Park"

The park is located in the resort area Arcadia. The park has a system of Angling ponds with fountains. Ponds inhabited by ducks and swans. The park has beautiful pine and birch trees, a lot of protein, artesian water pump room. Here you can breathe clean air and a break from everyday life and bustle. Walking through these places will give you a true delight!

Route "Walk of Fame"

Walking through the memorial of the heroic defense of Odessa, the 411th Coast Battery. The memorial complex dedicated to the heroic defense of Odessa during the Great Patriotic War. The composition of the memorial complex includes a museum of military equipment in the open, coastal defense battery, a large, landscaped park of oak trees.

Route "Route Health"

Walk on the beloved Odessa, a 6-kilometer coastal road - "Health Track", which is located along the coast from the beach area ​​Cape Langeron  to the area of Arcadia, just above the beaches, and connecting them. Closed to vehicular traffic and intended for pedestrian and bicyclewalks. The fresh sea air, a shadow of green trees and colorful landscapes of Odessa, will contribute to improving your health and lead to the tone of composure.