The cost depends on the length of rental:

5 min 80 UAH
10 min -140 UAH
15 min 200 UAH
20 minutes -260 UAH
25 min - 300 UAH
30 min-350 UAH
1 frequency 650 UAH
We open every day from 15:00 to 21:00
Chance of rental and an earlier time by prior arrangement.

Rent Segway for BTL & Event

When the standard bearers have lost their effectiveness and sometimes even irritating, when you need the most effective and creative campaign, then comes to the aid SEGWAY - the most amazing and positive media source in the modern advertising.

For promotional purposes, we offer Segway I2, X2 new generation, equipped with a special brand of media "Segway skins." They are made to the needs of a particular company, it provides an opportunity to prepare a spectacular rally in the shortest possible time.


Why is it draws your attention:

- Very few people have ever seen SEGWAY.

- SEGWAY branding in this way is a unique carrier that guarantees 100% to attract attention.

- Images can be placed any, and change during the campaign.

- Movement on the scooter quiet, but quick and dynamic.


SEGWAY has become an inherent part of exhibitions in Europe, America and Asia.

- Your presence on the box will be remembered for all visitors a vivid and unforgettable as opposed to your competitors.

- You scale, its presence at the exhibition very special way, promoters in the SEGWAY will attract a lot more audience to the main stand of the company.

- You can go beyond the standard of communication with your partners or potential customers simply by offering them a ride on the SEGWAY.


Additional features:

- Delivery SEGWAY to the place of action;

- Branding SEGWAY;

- Training of promoters and supervisors;

- Create a photo report on actions carried outindividual rent


Individual rental:

If you want to use a scooter SEGWAY without reference to the tour group, we will give it to you to hire an individual.

In addition, available services such as delivery of scooters and photographer's work.
Come with children, with friends and do not forget your passport.

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